Jump the Fence:

A Documentary Adventure in Shoestring Filmmaking

Time is the enemy in this documentary adventure in no-budget filmmaking. Trek to Brazil with Britt Harris and Molly Elizabeth Parker for the making of Ale Paschoalini’s next feature film Raízes. Will artistry prevail as the crew grapples with the elements in this surprisingly funny, high-pressure, race against the clock?

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“Profiling a new director in each country, these Smart Girls are showing what’s behind the camera along with the challenges and exhilarations of friendship, creative struggle, and cultural collision.”

– Amy Poehler's Smart Girls

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“Jump The Fence: Documentary Unites Creative Talent Around The World …The documentary series Jump the Fence brings together Molly Elizabeth Parker and Britt Harris, who take us on a global filmmaking adventure.”

– USA Travel Magazine

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“Women making films about making films around the world. It’s crazy enough to work. And that’s exactly what friends and filmmakers Molly Elizabeth Parker and Britt Harris are doing… The project follows the women as they embark on a great adventure in storytelling.”

– Collaborator

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