Britt writes and produces comedy shorts with her comedy wife Danielle Reynolds. Their sketch duo, Two Evil Actors, has been featured in Funny or Die, Colossal Cinematic Showcase, and in their very own apartments. DIY, baby!


Britt is a co-creator and associate producer for Jump the Fence: Around the World in Seven Films - is an innovative documentary series that takes audiences on an international tour of independent filmmaking. Join actors Molly Elizabeth Parker and Britt Harris as they travel the world to work on sets of seven different films, showcasing a dynamic group of award-winning filmmakers, Jump the Fence is both an in depth exploration of the filmmaking process and an intimate look at the lives of two burgeoning actors, inevitably showcasing the drama and comedy inherent in best friends testing their bond in the hothouse of Independent Filmmaking and world-wide travel. Produced in partnership Lower Boom Studio.


Britt also serves as Managing Director of the Los Angeles based theatre company, Door Number 3. DN3 produced its inaugural show, Philip Ridley’s “Radiant Vermin”, to rave reviews and was honored with two Ovation Nominations for Best Acting Ensemble and Best Sound Design, as well as a Stage Raw Top 10 recommended show in Los Angeles.

"Girl Love"

Two Evil Actors

Official Trailer

Jump The Fence:
Around the World in 7 Films
Episode 1: Caraíva, Bahía, Brazil

"$hitty Job$"

Two Evil Actors

Locations Reel

Jump The Fence:
Around the World in 7 Films
Episode 1: Caraíva, Bahía, Brazil

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