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Britt Harris is holds a bachelor's degree in Theatre Performance and works professionally in theatre, film, television, and commercial work. Britt shines as smart, funny, and vulnerable characters, and often ones that question authority. Her dream jobs include playing on an ensemble based comedy series such as Brooklyn 99 and on a transformative, rule-breaking show like Orphan Black. Currently, Britt is most often cast as the ethereal lover or the smart, likeable ingénue.  


With a refined, intimate performance and amazing screen presence, Britt demonstrates an uncanny ability to keep the audience close in Steven Richter’s film, "Birds of Neptune", for which she was awarded the Arizona International Film Fest Special Jury Award for Best Performance.


Britt is represented by Laina Cohn with Cohn/Torgan Management and Shelly Kolsrud with Q Talent in Los Angeles. 


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Britt Harris Drama Reel

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Britt Harris Comedy Reel

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